Monday, October 11, 2010


These are the students who will be representing the Hālau in this year's Hula O Nā Keiki in Maui....
Tyson ʻOhiki Oliveira
ʻOpio Kane Division

Lahela Makamae Rosario
Keiki Wahine Division

Kylie Ann Malie Andaya
ʻOpio Wahine Division

Kiana Lei Kataoka
ʻOpio Palua Division

Dason Fujimoto
ʻOpio Palua Division

The Hula O Na Keiki, a children’s solo hula competition, is held on the grounds of Kaanapali Beach Hotel. Though the event has grown over the years, from a single day affair to an entire weekend of Hawaiian arts and music, the objective has remained the same – to educate our children in the ways of our ancestors so the culture can be carried forward.

Children from ages 5 years old to 17 years old will steal your heart and shutter your camera as you watch them compete in their categories for the coveted awards and titles. Besides each contestant going through a somewhat nerve-wracking interview in front of a panel of judges before the competition they are also required to memorize a chant in the native Hawaiian language. Later that evening they will perform one of their the kahiko (traditional) or auana (modern) style hula.

The next night is their last chance to prove to themselves, their hālau (hula school) and especially their kumu (teacher) that they have mastered the hula. Unless of course, they are also entered in the Palua (couple) Division when we get see them dance one more time in tandem! It's a weekend of "oohs" and "ahs" of colorful costumes, sassy attitudes, and of course, expertise of traditional hula!

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nobilee said...

All The Keiki's Did An Awsome Job.