Sunday, December 29, 2013


Jan Osorio & Ligaya Hill had the task of being our Hālau Holiday Holiday Party co-Chairs and along with Fred Tomas with his outstanding event decorating expertise...MAHALO TO THE 3 OF THEM FOR INTRODUCING INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES AND ʻOHANA FUN....JOB WELL DONE!

The IRON CHEF COMPETITION idea was wonderful because it made everyone think "out of the box" as well as dig into old secret family recipes to share so it can be perpetuated. Donʻt forgot to email your recipes to Ligaya for our first Fundraising Cookbook.

Being a judge along with Kekoa Chad Billena was one of the hardest task to fulfill. The tasting of all the different type of food containing CREME was heavenly. Presentation and overall appearance were also factors in the winning decision. 

CONGRATULATIONS to Unko George De Mello for being the winner of the 1st Annual Hālau Iron Chef Competition. With the help of Kenan Shaw-De MelloShawna Marie K Omelau, and Nakoa Delo Santos....his prize winning COCONUT CREME BRULLE was to die for. It came along with a live presentation of actually flaming the brown sugar and burning the creme.

Second place went to Tomoko Matsuba with her bonito creme filled Musubi with and without sesame seed.

When it was time for the LotteryPrizes...Two Sig Zane print Teddy Bears were made by Unko George De Mello was won by one person who had two of the lucky winning tickets. The bearer of Ticket #080 & #081 was Kekoa Chad Bellina. WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Everyone present walked away with lots of gifts and prizes...Mahalo Santa!!!!

Last but not least...Mahalo Fred for this Beautiful Ugly Sweater!!!! NEXT YEAR..WEʻRE HAVING A UGLY SWEATER CONTEST.... get started now for your winning entry!
I have mine already!!!!!!

Mahalo everyone for being part of this fun filled day....I had fun...did you?

Love you all!
Kumu Em

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