Monday, September 17, 2007

Is it Done Yet????

Ano'ai E Uluhaimalama 'Ohana,

Here's what your "Pupu Na Pua" supposed to look like.........

Each petal has 16 shells. You should have 5 petals on your flower.

The stamen has 7 shells. Make only one.

Be sure to use a number 26 wire (or higher).

Wrap the wire with green floral tape to finish.

You need only to make 3 flowers...BUT make EXTRA just in case ( you know what).

Dancers performing on Saturday, September 22 will need these flowers for the perfomance.

Don't stress! This should be a relaxing project for everyone. Just have fun and work together with your hula sisters.

A Hui Hou...till we meet again!

Kumu Em

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JulieAnn & Shad said...

Those are beautiful :)

Miss you all!